You may be entitled to a settlement fund if you were emotionally disturbed by the pig's lips in the final panel.

Where was the paper? Dangnabbit! That paper was the key to his escape from this place. He was going to be stuck here forever! How could he have misplaced it?

He looked around his cell, and at the keypad. He saw a piece of paper on the floor, but it was just a million dollar bill. He tossed it aside. He pulled his bedsheet over his head in frustration. Where did it go? It can’t be far, that’s for sure!

He went back to the keypad. Surely he could remember the code! It was pretty simple. But he wasn’t sure. He wanted the paper first. Still wearing the bedsheet like a cape, he shook in frustration. The sheet billowed behind him and fell out of his grip, revealing the code on its underside.

Aha. How could he not have thought of that? Come on! He picked up the sheet and folded it to only show the combination. After memorizing it, he looked up at the keypad. He pressed the single green button and left the room.