What's up, cat? Try to ketch up!

It seemed like an eternity.

Tick. Tock.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting!

When would this universe finally wind down?

Sure, the Big Bang had been fun. Like a thousand M-80s going off at once.

But that seemed like AGES ago.

The galaxies were pretty cool, and kinda pretty too. So many different shapes and sizes, so many cool colors.

And the stars. They were cool. Different colors too. And some of them blew up real good. Some even became black holes. And they were way cool, although one of them almost sucked me in, which would have been very uncool.

But now it was getting late, and I was getting bored.

Even worse, it wouldn’t be long ’til my Mom was calling me home for dinner. And how was I going to explain that I was stuck waiting for a universe I created was taking extra long to die out.

She’d be like, “your dinner is getting cold.”

So, I dunno. Guess I won’t be messing with massive amounts of matter any time again soon.

Whole thing looked cool, but what was point anyway? Not like anything really important happened, right?

So, I guess I could go home and just leave this here, but what if something happened?

Ah, but what could happen?

Well, I guess I can wait a few more minutes. Looks like it stopped expanding anyway.

Of course, once it contracts again, it might blow up again.

Dang. Now what’ll I do?

OK, tell you what. Stay here and don’t do anything rash.

I’ll be back after dinner and we’ll figure out what to do then.

Back in a jif!