So, what else is new?

So, what do ya think about time travel?

Um, I’m not sure what you mean.

Yanno! When ya go to the past o’ the fuchah to right da wrongs ya caused?

Why would I need to do that?

Say ya fehgot ya gross-a-rees! Well, time travel w’d fix it right up!

I don’t forget much. And I certainly am not moved by your so-called persuasive speech.

Aw, but cammon! Nobody’s poifect! And w’dn’t be fun tah visit da vikings, and t’ dinosaurs, and da knights, n’ live ‘n da secrets n’ mystawhees o’ da past?

I have no interest in such pleasantries.

Say all ya want, but I ain’t gonna change muh viewpoint. Time travel, it’s da thin’ o’ da fuchah, and it’s happen’n’ heah today!

For the last time, I forbid you from using my time machine.