If you like that, try the Kung Pao Chicken!

And so it came to be, that Mr. A and Mr. Gee agreed to a minimalist throwdown.
It went something like this…

Gee starts:
You are weak.
You. A geek.
Poor physique.
Gee, you bleak.
> A wins

A starts:
Gee, you suck.
You’re more annoying than the Afrack Duck.
I’m number 1, you, number two.
Actually, you both pee and poo.
> Gee wins

Gee starts:
A, more like F.
You dumber than Hella Jeff.
Too many words my frien’, you lose.
Your rappin’ make me wanna snooze.
> A wins

A wins, 2 to 1