His situation really blows!

The League of Disconcerting Treachery and Maniacal Villainy had gathered in the laboratory. Dr. Sometninhg had been waiting for the moment ever since he had joined the nefarious group. This would be the day he revealed his greatest invention!

Dr. Sometninhg spoke. “Friends, as we all know, we have been foiled time and time again by so-called heroes who do not respect our artistic license as villains. These pests must be gotten rid of, and for years, we have tried to exterminate them with little to no success. Until today! I present to you…”

Dr. Sometninhg clutched the tarp that covered the objects. With a swift gesture, he lifted the sheet to reveal…”The Pig Bots!”

Everyone in the room was stunned by the mechanical masterpieces. They looked exactly like pigs, but they were not pigs! They were robots who looked like pigs! Pig Bots, if you will! Suddenly, The League began applauding loudly. This was a breakthrough for science. Imagine the hyper-real pig technology! Imagine the potential for fake robotic farms! Imagine the robot children in Third World Robocountries who would no longer be hungry!

And then, just as sudden as it had began, the uproar stopped. The villains had all simultaneously realized: what was evil about these pigs? Dr. Sometninhg began to quiver. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a marker. He then proceeded to scribble angry eyebrows on each pig.

The audience cheered again. Surely, a good day for evil.