Somebody's been sitting in my chair... And they broke my chair!

Shush! It’s the boss!

No way, not the boss!

Yes, the boss.

OK, we’ll deal with it. Let’s see, we’d better get the illegal craps game closed up.

Also, we had better stop the illegal weapons operation stat.

Let’s see, what else…

OK, everyone better put some clothes on. The boss probably wouldn’t understand.

Right. Better toss the counterfeit products and put the real stuff back on the shelves. And while we’re at it, let’s take the illegal performance supplements out of the vitamin aisle.

Oh yeah, let’s also release the hostages we’ve been holding for ransom in the basement, and ditch that ton of illegal uranium we’ve been trying to sell on the black market.

Wait. What’s that? It’s not the boss? Just some kid who wants to buy something. All right everyone, stand down. False alarm.

Let me ‘take care’ of the kid.

“Hello young man, and welcome to Fun Time Family Toy Center!”