Er, sure, Mr. Webbl, cake.

Yeah, so, it was like, it was like.

That’s to say, it wasn’t like I meant to, you know, do, um, that… intentionally.

And anyway, it was kind of already broken already, sort of, that is.

It was just, that there was, some sort of… situation. And, well, the potential was there, and um, it fulfilled that potential.

And besides, it’s sort of better than it was before, isn’t it? It certainly isn’t worse. Well, at least not much worse.

I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t even involved at all. It might have been like that already. Or maybe it would have happened anyway. I mean, who can say, right?

And, um, it’s not like it was that critical anyway, I don’t think. Not like a life support system or a foundational pillar of a historical edifice, or some sort of moral core to our ethical beingness, that without which, our lives would lack meaning. At least not so much.

So, um, anyway, I think I’ll just stop talking now. And, uh, anyway, sorry I got distracted and sharpened your last pencil to a nub.

Yeah, um, sorry.