Where's a toaster when you need one?

Aight. Right here, right now. Let’s throw down?

Erm, throw down. I, uh, think I might actually, that is to say, throw up.

Look nerd man. This is WCAD, the self-referential memetic pseudo with-it online gig with a snark in its step and giddy-oh-hell-no in its go.

Well, now I’m both confused and terrified. Even your attire is frightening to me. You seem so, uh, bulky.

Now you dissin; doudoune? You really askin’ for it, Pocket Protector!

Oh my, even my hero, Professor Frink would be at a loss for words.

Too bad, cuz here we go!

Hey, pencil neck geek,

Laughable physique.

What say I throw you azz

In the creek.


Well, uh, bully Doune-dude.

You got crap attitude.

I may be wimp,

but you sir are a simp.


So you sayin’ I lame.

Two can play at that game.

You’ll be cryin’ in grief,

In yo’ hand yo’ buck teeth.


Well you talk a big game,

But I think you’re rank air.

You rhymes are quite lame.

And you got Harry hair.


Harry hair? I’m confused.

Is that meant as a slight?

Yo, the reference you used.

Not familiar, all right?


Well you may not have heard,

But Harry hair is the word,

For receding hair, Hugh,

And that’s certainly you.


Wait, you sayin’ I’m balding?

Dude you’re getting a scolding.

That just isn’t the fact.

And that’s no way to act.


Pardon me puffy jerk,

But my eyes kinda hurt,

From the shine off your head.

Put a ski cap on, Ned.


Wow your words are so cruel.

Why you doin’ that fool?

Guess you win this round clown.

But I’ll see you ’round town.