Have the Creamie first, cuz the Fudgie's flavor is stronger.

Y’know, word association is an interesting exercise  and also helps a harried cartoonist/commentator shirk his or her responsibility to provide a well crafted prose (or poetry) compliment to a weak comic.

Nonetheless, that’s what we’re going to present today. And even worse, we’re going to use a couple of self-referential words to move things along.

Here we go…

Doudoune. Senator. Busy man. Looks angry. Time’s short. Get to the point. The point. The point of a pencil. Why do so many pencil sharpeners so easily get a broken lead stuck in them, rendering them useless. Useless. Useless as a life preserver in the desert. As condiments at an ant’s picnic. What the heck is an ant’s picnic, even? Weak indeed…

All right, that was weird, but interesting I guess.

Next one…

Mister Kid. Cookie. You gonna finish that gookie? Why yes I am. Wow. Not much word association here. Erm. Kinda defeats the purpose. Porpoise. Free Willy. Sea Creatures. Creature Feature. Double Feature, That’ll Teach ya… Oh, no way. End!

One more, perhaps. Let’s do it!

Piosa Guy. Benefits! Big shouldered. Gruff. McGruff the Crime Dog. Hot dogs. Hot Dog Head Man. Damn! That was one creepy comic. Comics. Weak Comics. Captain Weak. Days of the week. Um. Got nuthin’.

So, uh, these are definitely getting worse. Maybe we’d better call it a day. What’s that? One more? OK…

Baron Von Vashi. Something fishy. Gimme that filet of fish. Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Well, that was more like Six Degrees of Separation. Well, four degrees, anyway. How ’bout one more?

Psycho Phil. Psychedelic. Schizophrenic. Gamzee. Homestuck. Andrew Hussie. Mad Genius. I see what you did there. Clevaar. Yop. Mop. Stanley Spadowski. Weird Al, Nature Trail to Hell, My Son the Vampire. Bluuhhhhhh! Halloween. Halloween Hack. EarthBound. Giygas. 8 Bit Game Music. Chip Tunes. Fan Games. I Wanna Be the Guy. Delicious Fruit. Coconut Fred. Final Fantasy VII, Barret, Mr. T. I Pity the Fool. 70’s TV. TV Tropes. Ret-conning. Memes…. And let’s end it there. That one was actually pretty good!