Jonathan the clown lives up to his name

We at Weak Comic a Day love the theater. Of course, people who write plays make a lot of money. So we thought “play=money.” So we made this. So you should read it. As it is called:

A One Act Play

Narrator: Once upon a day, there was Jawge. He was a friendly and kind person, who always loved children. When the children complained, he was in big! darn! trouble! So they went to Town Hall…..

Jawge: I’m innocent, I tells ya!
Judge: We know you’re telling us this, but is it true?
Jawge: Yeah!
Judge: Well guess what! Heh he he heheh heh !!!
Jawge: No! I realy am innocent, and i’ll tell the whole story!
Judge: Boo-ring!
Jawge: Start!

(A beautiful day in Sticks City. Children are playing)
Jawge: Well, hi, kids.
Kid: HI Jwge! Woi wr wokin on this prsnt fr yu
Jawge: Aw, thanks, guys!
Kid: W md it jst fr a tm lk ths.
Jawge: Why do you say?
Kid: Bcs it’s a cry fr hlp!
Jawge: HUH?
KId: Dn’t ply dum! Y’ve bn etng us kds!
Jawge: I would NEVER do such a thing!
Kid: O ya? Jst ask Jmy! O, wt, yu 8 hm!
Kid: Y, we tnk tht yu r glty o mrdr!
Kid: Cl d athorts!

To be continued….but not if we don’t make no money!