Juzt shapze.

Rock bottom.

That is what we have hit.

I don’t even think I have the energy to type anything more.

Rock bottom.

The bottom of the barrel.

Not a single fresh, new, or interesting idea.

The pits.

Less than zero.

That’s what I’ve got for you folks. Nuttin’

All you can eat.

Drink deep of the despair. I mean, really.

Bone dry.

Out of gazz.

Da elevator don’t go to the top floor…

Er, wait a second, that last one isn’t really on target.

But, who cares?

It’s the end.

I’m giving up.

I’ve had it.

Got no more.

Nothing to say.

Nothing to do.

Nothing to share that’s worth sharing.

I mean, well… are you still here?

Sweet Teriyaki Beef Jerky. You must be as much of a masochist as me.

Riffin’ on fumes. The sweet stonk of¬†insuperability.

Severely parched, crawling in a desert of arid creative emptiness.

Oh well. Guess there’s always tomorrow. Inspiration may sling an errant arrow at my atrophied¬†corpus callosum.

Or maybe not.

Wonder if there’s a rerun of Matlock on.

Now that was one darned creative TV show, by golly!