I'd ask him, but he doesn't have a mouth 50% of the time.

Welcome once more to Weak Comic a Day Theater. Today, we shall continue our feature presentation, Jawge. If you want to catch up, click here. If you’re caught up, then prepare for…


A One Act Play, Part Two

(Present Day)
Jawge: I love Present Day! AKA CHRISTMAS! But I’ll never get to see it again…
Jawge: But I did not!
Woman: It’s true!
Everyone (GASPS)
Woman: It was earlier this day. I was in this park with the bananas, I mean kids……

(A beautiful day in Sticks City. Children are playing) (EARLIER)
Woman: Hello, kidiiiies!
Kid: Hlo, lvly ldy! Hw r u? W r n trbl.
Woman: Why is that, sssssson?
Kid: I’l xpln. Thr ws a hry mn hr jst nw.
Kid: Nd h 8 Jmy, Jke, Rlph, Rwly, Rgr, nd Mke!
Kid: Nd h thrtnd 2 cm bk!
Woman: That’s hhhhhhhhorrible! Well, you kids keep watch. Goodbyeeeeeeee!
Kid: By, ldy! B sfe!

We hope you enjoyed this somewhat extremely brief installment in our theatrical epic. Hey, why are you complaining? We give you FREE entertainment, and THIS is how you respond? FREE! Oh, by the way, we’re working on a book.