This robot actually cost a dollar to render.

It’s that time again. Welcome to WCAD Theater, the revolutionary subscription-based program that delivers the latest hits straight from Broadway right to your front door. Currently, we are featuring an intricate drama entitled “Jawge.” If you need to catch up, you can read the first two parts here and here, respectively. If you somehow understood the first two installments, then enjoy:


A One Act Play, Part Three

(Current Day)
Judge: That’s the least of our worries now! We need to finish… The Trial!
Woman: Did anyone hear my story? I explained that I was there before Jawge showed up.
Jawge: I agree with you!
Man: That’s baloney! For all you know, he left and came back!
Gawje: It’s untrue. Because I, Gawje, am the culprit.
People (WHAT)
Gawje: Yes. It was earlier than you may think….

(A beautiful day in Sticks City. Children are playing) (EARLIER) (EARLIER)
Gawje: Well, I’m here!
Kid: Hi! Hw r u?
Gawje: I’m feeling great on this beautiful day!
Kid: Yu cme jst n tme.
Kid: Jmy nds yr hlp.
Jmy: I brk m lg!
Gawje: Well, what else am I for? Come here, boy!
Jmy: A! Yu 8 me! (Runs to the bushes nearby)
Gawje: Huh? What the heck?
Kids: A! Yu 8 ll f us! (5 other kids run to the bushes)
Gawje: What’s going on here?
Kids: Go! Qk!
Gawje: Uh, uh, okay. (Runs away.)
Woman: Hello, kidiiiies!

How did you enjoy it‽ <— That’s called an interrobang. Who says these comics aren’t educational? Well, actually, nobody, since we only have a handful of visitors. And we love them all, including YOU! Thanks for reading, and be prepared for the next act part of Jawge!