Where the heck am I?

Greetings. Today is a very special instance of Weak Comic a Day Theater. We say this because today is the day we finish our ongoing “Jawge” drama. If you are unsure of the previous content of this play, please consult these four pages.¬†Consulted enough? Let’s continue…


A One Act Play, Part Five

Man: I….uh, I can’t think of a clever phrase relating to “today.”
Judge: You didn’t even start that! Jawge did!
Man: Yeah, but I needed SOMETHING for you to get me to tell my story, and besides, I’m one to hop on bandwagons.
Judge: Dismissed.
Jawge: Hey, speaking of me, why do I only have like ten lines if my name is in the title?
Judge: SILENCE! Now on with the processions….
Glorx: W8. 1, 4L13N M4ST4H GL0RX, H4S 4 ST0RY 4S W3LL.
Judge: Ugh…. go on.

(A beautiful day in Sticks City. Children are landing) (EARLIER) (EARLIER) (EARLIER) (EARLIER)
Glorx (hiding in trees:) WH3R3’S TH3 SH1P.
(A spaceship slowly lowers down with an EarthBound sound effect)
(The hatch opens. Ten kids fall out and mechanically slam to the ground)
(The hatch closes. The ship raises to the sky)
Glorx: C00L. N0W, K1DS, WH3N Y0U 4W4KEN, H3R3 1S TH3 PL4N. Y0U W1LL 4SS1M1L4T3 T4RG3T “J4WG3” US1NG N0TH1NG BUT Y0UR CH1LD1SH CH4RMS. 1 W1LL B3 W41T1NG 1N TH3 N34RBY TR33S WH3N T4SK 1S C0MPL3TE. S3T L4NGU4G3 T0 “0PT1M1Z3D R4D10 D14L0GU3” (0RD) T0 K33P ST4T3M3NTS S1MPL3. G00D LUCK.
(Glorx hides behind trees)

(The Near Future)
Man: I love Futurama! I have all the DVDs….
(Glorx vaporizes the man with a laser)
Judge: Wait….why would you directly tell us that you were the culprit of this scheme to kill the innocent Jawge?
Glorx: 1 W4NT3D TH1S D4RM3D TR14L T0 B3 0V3R!
Judge: Understood. Take him away!
The Cat: Cease your silly actions, Judge. I saw Glorx arrive at the scene….
Judge: Please! No more! (Slams gavel)
Judge: We find the defendant…innocent!
Jawge: Yay!
(Everyone leaves the courtroom)
Jawge: Now to resume my crimes against space…
The Cat: To the secret lab, Jawge?
Jawge: Yes, please.


Is it truly the end? Nobody knows for sure. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it is. It probably is. It is. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed “Jawge.” Please continue to read Weak Comic a Day. See you soon!