That candidate... was not elected.

I have acquired a seed.

Seeds are often used to grow plants, yes, this is true.

Perhaps I shall plant this seed to see what happens. Perhaps not. Who knows?

I could be planting the seed right now. Or later. Most likely, later from this point in time.

Only most likely, not 100%. As I was saying that previous remark, I was planting the seed.

Tricked you there, eh? Anyway, now to watch it grow.

I wonder what kind of plant it could be. A tree? Maybe. A rose? Hmm. A poinsettia? No, too hard to spell.

I can’t help but ponder. Could be like, not even a plant. Like, corn or something. I don’t know. I’m not a plant man.

I mean, I even mistook this plastic seed for a genuine one.

Rgh. Best get comfy. It could take a while.