You can come out now.

What’s up, homeboys? It’s WCAD Theater, bringing the scripts from promising young Broadway authors before they show up on stage. Today, we will continue our current read-through of “Jawge.” If you have somehow missed out on the earlier installments of this up-and-coming masterpiece, click here, here, and here. Now that you are up to speed, let us continue…


A One Act Play, Part Four

(Modern Day)
Man: Hahaha! My favorite movie of all time is “Modern Times!”
Judge: Guards, confiscate his DVD player. (They do.)
Man: WHAT 
Judge: Guards, kick that man out!
Man: But you can’t, I’m a recurring extra! (The guards approach)
Man: And, and, I have an exciting flashback to tell you about!
Judge: Fine, let’s hear it.

(A beautiful day in Sticks City. Children are laying) (EARLIER) (EARLIER) (EARLIER)
Man (narrating:) Well, I was out for a walk in Sticks Park. I go to my favorite spot, near the woods, and there’s about ten kids lying motionless with their eyes and mouths wide open! I tried checking, but they weren’t breathing. Suddenly, they all woke up in tandem!
Kid: Hlo, mstr. Hw r yu?
Man: Uh, are you kids feeling well?
Kid: ……………………..W r a ltl slpy………….nd Jmy hrt hs lg.
Man: Oh, I’m sorry, kids! Let me send my friend, Gawje, over! He’s a medical student!
Kid: Optml.
Man: What?
Kid: OK.
Man: Oh. He’ll be over soon! I just have to tell him!
(Man runs away.)

Wow, so much happened, huh? We’ve all been through a lot together. Well, hang tight for another exciting installment of Jawge! This has been…Weak Comic a Day Theater.