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When I sat down to write the description for this comic, I discovered that some malefactor had written the following two words into my text box: “the roods.”

Now, it just so happens that I went with my Main Man “T” to see the recent animated cave-dweller hi-jinks holiday feature, “The Croods” last night, but that surely couldn’t have anything to do with some unknown hooligan typing “the roods” into my text box, could it?

I mean, what would that even mean? Is this unknown entity implying that the lovable cave-bound family of frivolity featured in “The Croods” is composed of rude members? Well, I suppose, having viewed the animated fun fest in full last night, that there was a modicum of rudity and, dare I say it, crude behavior beyond the norms of civil interaction in the film, but then again, the feature is intended to present a humorous look at the foibles of early humanoid underground cavern dwellers, and in that respect, their less-than-polite behaviors are quite understandable and barely rise to the level of rood, er, rude.

So, that having been said, perhaps the cruel villain who cudgeled my keyboard was merely an errant emissary. Most likely momentarily disoriented due to a lack of timely updates to the popular online neo mediated online epic, Homestuck.

Or, perhaps not. But one thing is clear: It is rude to type “the roods” into someones text box without explanation or proper permission.