Mecharavan: Chapter One.

Welcome to the all-new Weak Comic a Day website!

We’ve been calling it “Mech Comic a Day.” You see, we recently checked our SEO charts, and found out that robots enjoy reading our comics. They are also the most avid commentators. So, we decided to appeal to them with this new redesign.

The colors have been scientifically tested to appeal to robots. We’ve heard that “doom and gloom” is kind of their “thing.” And we hope that it’s your thing too, since we’re keeping this for a while. Oh, and if you have any complaints, please tell us. This new version of the website is still in beta!

Anyway, there’s some other features we’d like to address. By 2014, Weak Comic a Day will be presented in full Binary. This is a more productive way for robots to read our strips and process data. And, by the end of this month, Weak Comic a Day will be the first virtual stop to motor oil. When a visitor is detected, their computer will spill the oil into the viewer’s room through a valve, attempting to aim at the face.

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that we’re trying to phase out the “human” demographic. I don’t know, they’re just not trustworthy. As a glorious robot, you know this. Please stick with us through this upgrade and tell us what you think!