Mecharavan: Chapter One.

The essence of progress is change, I suppose.

No, not the kind of chingly-changly collection of coins in your pocket…. I mean the essential deviation from a less improved state to a more refined, and more beneficial existance.

But that’s not always the case with the passage of time, even though our cultural pollyannas constantly expound as such, perhaps more to convince themselves as opposed to the lowly proletariat who must find some way to survive the dsytopian reality of the gilded class’ deceptive promise of the imminent arrival of some sort of utopian promised land — a destination that the toiling underclass somehow never arrives at.

Like the fictional one-happy-family Potemkin confederation of Panam in the bestselling book “The Hunger Games,” the stark reality of too many social engineer’s dreams of perfecting society ends up being a facade of cultural unity, when in fact, a privileged few enjoy the fruits of a subjugated, unfree population’s labors.

These situations may not end well for the users, but it’s easy to forget that those being used suffer consequences equally ugly, if not more so, when the wages of tyranny are put to pay.

Such is life, it might be said, but breaking the shackles of servitude may lead to better things, yet may still fall short of the kind of progress that means a better life and a hopeful future for the children of the formerly oppressed…. Righting wrongs so often leads to less or more devastating loss rather than winners or losers.

And what of our own Mecharavan? Just what apocalyptic unraveling led to this barren orb, orbiting sullenly beneath a tired, seen-too-much sun. And who are these two mechanical adversaries, the sole survivors of whatever struggle for dominance or simple survival led to this desolate place? Did their forbears think they were moving towards ‘progress?’ How wrong it seems they were.

And where will our two heroes’ (or two antiheroes, or maybe one of each, but which is which, or well, whatever) battle or quest or wherever or whatever this epic end-of-time epic paths lead? Read on, if you dare, and find out as the story, er, progresses!