Whenever I think of ol’ Crogg, I can’t help but remember the time when he head butted the Rhinocidon and came out standing.

That dude Crogg had a hard head.

Yep. A hard head.




That’s, that’s it really. Nothing funny about it or anything. You know,

Just a regular guy with a caveman name and a truly rugged noggin’. That’s all.

And a collision with a Rhinocidon. There’s that part too.

But that’s it.

Nothing funny about a likely caveman with a head so hard it would give a mighty Rhinocidon a serious head ache.

Maybe even a concussion.

So yeah. Maybe there’s a kernel of something bouyant, barely registering, if by some possibility at all.

But pretty weak tea, honestly.

Really weak.

Barely any flavor whatsoever.

No lemon or anything either.

Just, like almost just like plain water.

But maybe a little hot, because you know, tea. Hunh? Hot tea. Right?


That Crogg.

What a cut up.

I mean seriously.