Aside from everything else, the immutable fact that everything that is happening on Earth is all happening at the same time should make it clear that our perceptions of ‘reality’ are flawed at best.

If you add in the factor of time, it also means that everything that ever was or, with a handful of exceptions (I’m talkin’ to you spacefarers) is now, has taken place within the confines of humanities dear old cradle and home.

Big problem as well, it doesn’t take a regiment of telescopes to figure out that Eartharoni is quite distinct from just about anywhere else we can observe in this ol’ universe. An existential anomaly, I have described it.

That being stated, the only thing any thinking person can be sure of is that their perspective is way too unique to be extremely sure of.

Still, ‘the Sun comes up in the East every morning,’ and so on and so on. So there are certainly some shared aspects of what we think of as reality that are pretty reliable touchstones.

But just in case, maybe we should all wear a little humility on our collective sleeves.

Just sayin’